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I've been to some rather interesting talks, notably j5's talk on JavaScript. I would like to turn Gnusto into a JS-based GNOME desktop app.

The wifi infrastructure is solid:

...the gateway to the rest of the world less so.

I need to work harder on patch review in Metacity.

I shall be helping give a talk tomorrow morning at 0930 in the Copenhagen room; I'll be talking about xzibit.

xzibit currently has a bug where all menus are resized to 10x10. I need to build some test programs to find out why.

Someone from Canonical is doing work on notification icons in titlebars, which is a) something that xzibit needs that I'm currently hacking in rather badly and b) interestingly similar to the question of "why can't we have extra buttons in Metacity?", which I am frequently asked. I am therefore comparing notes with them, so as not to duplicate effort.

Canonical's party was last night; I went but didn't hang around; I was tired and couldn't get near the bar. I did take a photo outside the place, and was then approached by a large drunken Dutchman who wanted to know why I was taking photos of him and whether he could see my phone to see the pictures. I used my superpower of invisibility to escape. (It's a good job I packed a d20.)

Collabora's party is tonight, on the beach.
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You and I spend our lives beneath the heavens, beneath the stars; in some sense we all live in a nether land, and we are all inhabitants of the Low Countries. I therefore surmise that I have arrived at the centre of the planet.

In England, you will sometimes see a bee drawn into the glaze on a toilet bowl. This is a Latin pun: the word for bee is apis. In the toilets at Schiphol I saw such a symbol, and had to rush outside and find a Dutch person to verify that the same pun works in Dutch. (It does.)

Last week, I heard that the house of my great-grandmother, Nono, had changed hands and name. This is unfortunate: it's in the village of Turvey, and Nono had the good sense to name it Topsy. Her postal address was therefore Topsy, Turvey, Bedfordshire.. The new owners do not share her sense of humour.

On Monday, very little happened, except that I broke my laptop. I was certainly in the right place to do so, because four or five people congregated to help me bring it back online. One person from Canonical said, "You need a bootable USB key. Just shout and ask for one." When I demurred, he shouted, and one was lying on the desk in front of me within ten seconds.

We went to Chinatown for lunch, and ate dim sum. The afternoon was spent working on xzibit, with red wine substituted for coffee, and I made a rather homesick call to Fin and Rio. I'm pleased to report that you can now share menus in xzibit. I would like to give a lightning talk, but I think I've left it a bit late to register.

After work I walked back to the hotel with Danielle, stopping at a supermarket to buy licorice, bread, and some of that hard, sour cheese the Dutch are so fond of. Then I went back to my room and ate cheese sandwiches, and hacked until I fell asleep.
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They have a poster on the wall at Cambridge railway station which says: "Please be courteous to our staff".

The flight left at three-fifteen, which meant I could get a decent amount of sleep and still have a chance to go to LSM.  At LSM the bishop of Port Moresby told us about life in his diocese.  Afterwards I told the priest that I had been made very welcome at his church, and he gave a little happy jump and the thumbs-up gesture.  I also went to the market to try to find an England shirt for Alex, but I think the stall must have gone away, or perhaps doesn't open on Sundays.

We took a train to Stansted and a plane to Schiphol; I sat next to a very polite Dutch child who kept offering me chewing gum.  The flight takes only forty minutes.  The security guard at Stansted demanded to know what the white powder was all over my luggage.  We went out to eat at a cafe in the marketplace, but I left early and slept deeply.

I have had Stuart Davis's beautiful song Windmills and Wheatfields stuck in my head all the while. (I would quote it here, but people would probably complain.)


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