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Today is Candlemas, also called Imbolc. It reminds me of this poem from the sequence I wrote for Fin a few years ago:

Another green to show you grow, you thrive;
Out from the snow the snowdrop breaks in flower.
Who could have called this sleeping bulb alive?
Yet buried patiently it waits its hour,
Counting the snowflakes slowly settling
Their weight upon the heavy earth above;
One day its Winter changes to its Spring.
Who can predict the power of life and love?
  Hope that at last the final frost is dead.
  Faith that the Winter dies and Spring shall rise.
  Love for the life that up through blades has bled.
  Joy to a hundred children's waiting eyes;
For every hour it slept beneath the ground
A thousand wondering eyes shall gather round.
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I gave Fin her Valentine's present this morning. The present was a chapbook, a book of 31 of the poems I've written for her over the last few years. They are mostly sonnets and triolets, with a villanelle thrown in at the end.

But you may be wondering why I'm giving Valentine's presents in January. Fin has said that I can sell the book on Lulu and give the royalties to the Haiti relief efforts being run by Médecins Sans Frontières. The book is here; the royalties are $3 per copy, all of which will go to the earthquake relief.

If you would rather all the money went to MSF and none to Lulu or the post office, make a donation directly (in the US, go here; in the UK, go here; otherwise, go here), then tell me about it (marnanel at, and I'll send you a PDF.

Please feel free to spread the word, if you have friends who like this kind of thing.

Edit: There is currently a sitewide 20% discount code, CABIN.


Nov. 4th, 2009 09:13 am
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I'm putting together a chapbook specifically of the poems I wrote for Fin. There are currently about 25 of them, though I know there are others I haven't been able to find.

Fin thinks I should divide it, though, and make two chapbooks, one for poems I'd written for zir while we were apart, and one for all the others. I'm not sure I'd have enough in either book yet if I did that, though.

It's really sad being apart from people you love. In a way I'm always apart from people I love, because people I love live all over the world. But being apart from them does remind you of how much you miss them, and of why you love them. Today I'm thinking of Fin and how much I miss zir. I know zie loves me because zie tells me so, and shows me with zir life, and because zie thinks of me, often before I think of things myself. And right at the moment I really miss zir and zir hugs.
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for you are the sun
and you are the thunder:
in sunlight I run,
and you are the sun
that fills me with fun,
that fills me with wonder
for you are the sun
and you are the thunder
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for it's late in the night
and you're heading to bed
and I'm sure that you're right
for it's late in the night
but I wish that I might
be with you instead
for it's late in the night
and you're heading to bed
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Day: Woke up, went to the gym, came back, worked, and plexq made us some rather good quesadillas.  Fin made some lovely tag icons for to go along with the existing ones from rosequoll.

Theming: I would like to re-examine the Metacity theme format for GNOME 3.  To this end, I've been working on CSS theming for Metacity.  I have a reasonable first pass at it written, and several of the standard themes converted (and several more to do).  But it occurs to me that the people who would like to create themes and the people who would be willing to download and compile several experimental libraries are not necessarily the same.  To this end, I've created a wiki to demonstrate the system.  If you write CSS on a page whose name begins with Borders: it will display as the result of rendering that CSS.  There is a tour, which you should take first.

Please feel free to create your own themes, either from scratch or by making copies of the existing ones.  I was going to finish off all the sample themes before announcing this, and also to make a theme wizard that would put together a theme for you from parts (to show how the system is well-adapted to use with editors), but I decided it was better to release early, release often.

Of course, now that I've announced this, it's sure to be vandalised; I'll try to keep an eye on it, but if you could revert any vandalism you see, I'd appreciate it.  Let me know what you think of the system, either way.

Top fives: Ask me for my top five favourites of anything and I'll try to give a sensible answer.  So far I've been asked for cities, words, puddings, foods, beverages, heresies, books, and Tetris shapes.  Since there are only seven Tetris shapes, that's rather an easy question: the answer is all of them except "S" and "Z".


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