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This morning I finally got around to testing the rewritten MeeGo version of robotfindskitten on the N900. It works passably well:


You see that the text is missing.


There are a few other things wrong (we need to use Maemo banners, not dialogue boxes; the vibration at the end needs reimplementing) but I think it will be good to go in a week or so of snatched moments here and there. If you'd like to test, let me know.

(I'm thinking of making the title page dark grey, and losing the text across the top, to look more Maemo-like than MeeGo-like.)
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I'm hereby releasing a public beta of robotfindskitten version 2.0 for MeeGo. I've been sitting on it for far too long. This is a complete rewrite in Qt. It's only designed for the netbook; I haven't tested on the handset. It should work fine on the Lenovo machines distributed at the MeeGo conference.

Links:If you lot like this, it will go into the Garage.  There are some issues I still need to consider; let me know what you think:
  • Is it a good reimplementation of Maemo rfk?  Is it a good implementation of rfk in its own right?
  • Is it playable?
  • Are dialogue boxes a reasonable implementation of the popup messages?  On Maemo I used banners (thus), which were perhaps less intrusive.
  • For those of you who know Qt and C++, I would appreciate some code review.
  • On the handset it's still going to vibrate when robotfindskitten.  Do you think it should bleep or something (or miaow) on the netbook?
I think Planet GNOME will be getting this as well because my feed setup doesn't have tags specific enough; I apologise in advance.
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The program which will eventually become rfk 1.40 is here, and the source is here. I would like some people to playtest it. Changes:
  • you can move around by tapping parts of the screen, rather than tapping with respect to robot's position; this is more like the iPhone port (which I haven't played); this change suggested by Will Thompson
  • portrait mode
  • kitten is on the front screen
I would like to know
  • whether portrait mode is playable, in general
  • whether it would make more sense to spin the board around 90° instead of pivoting it in place
  • whether there are too few spaces on one axis to make it easily playable in portrait mode
  • why the GtkLabel with the message on it on the front screen does not expand to the full height of the window in portrait mode (I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here)
  • whether you think a picture like this one would be better for the front page
  • anything else you find
Thanks for your help, everyone who is helping.


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