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CW for toilets etc.

We were on a GWR train to Bristol, where I'd need to help Kit off the train. But a couple of stations before we reached Temple Meads, I dash off to the loo.

The first loo is out of order. The second loo appears to be working. Hallelujah. But I have only just sat down when I find there's no toilet pape (but there is soap and water). The next discovery is even more horrifying: the flush button does nothing at all.

So I finish up and open the door. Outside, three lads in their early twenties are waiting. One of them goes in.

"Ugh, you didn't flush."
"The flush doesn't work."
"Ugh, it's disgusting." "You're disgusting." "You ANIMAL!"

So I give up and go back to Kit. But I'm distracted, so I go the wrong way. Now of course Kit's in one of the wheelchair spaces so should be easy to find. But I'm going the wrong way so I reach the end and turn back. In one of the carriages, the lads are sitting. "Hey look," they shout. "It's the Phantom Shitter. You ANIMAL!"

So, I wish to apologise to the other passengers for the description I gave the lads of my recent activities with their mothers.

(But I did make it back to Kit in time to help them get off at Temple Meads.)


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