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Text for today: "Look to your lord who gives you life" (the first line of "Song of New Year's Eve").

This is mostly unremarkable:

Look = HRAOBG (note AO is this vowel as well as the vowel in Food, if those differ for you)
To = TO as spelt
Your = YOUR as spelt
Lord = HRORD. Typing this as HRORT gives you "life-support", which is amusingly appropriate.
Who = WHO as spelt (this threw me)
Gives = TPKWEUF + Z. You can actually do this in one chord but I don't feel quite confident enough, so I did it in two.
You = U, just the letter. (You might assume from this that Your is UR, but that's You're.)
Life = HRIF

Edit: I am moving these posts to a thread on the Plover Aviary.

Date: 2013-04-02 02:59 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] desh
As you get better at steno, do you still think of initial-L as being composed of H and R (which of course seems absurd to any literate English speaker not familiar with steno), or does that kind of go away in the same way that I don't think of "w" as "two v's" when I'm writing it anymore?


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